Female or Male Instructor? How do I choose?

Learning to dance is an investment and I’m not talking about financially.  It’s an investment that you hope to get a good return on.  Becoming a great dancer for some of us will require to learn from others.  How do you know you’re picking the right instructor?  Can a female instructor teach you just as well as a male instructor?

The answers are quite easy!  If you are taking group classes then both female and male instructors should be fine.  Every professional instructor should know how to lead and how to follow therefore should be able to carry a GROUP class.  However, if you are ready to take your dancing to the next level and are thinking about taking private lessons, then this is what I recommend.

Beginner Ladies: It is recommended that you start out by taking lessons form a MALE instructor. Learning to develop a good foundation starts out with having a good lead guiding you.  A Female instructor can help you learn all your basics and help find the right MALE instructor just for you.

Intermediate Ladies: Both Male and female instructor can help out, depending on what it is you need to work on. Technique can be taught by both instructors. If you need help with your follow, go to a male instructor, they will have more moves for you to follow. However a female instructor will be able to provide more tendencies from experience. If you’re ready to start developing your style, a female instructor would be best.

Advanced Ladies: At this point you should have a good follow, all we need to do is add some flavor to all the moves that you know. It is recommended that at this level you take lessons from a FEMALE instructor that will help you develop your style. Also learn more technique. Male instructors, will help you with your follow on harder moves once you’ve applied your style.

Beginner Men: It is recommended that you start out with a FEMALE instructor. It is a good idea to have a good follow help you develop a good foundation.

Intermediate Men: If you have a solid foundation, you may want one of two things (or maybe both) 1) Learn more moves or 2) Become a good lead. Male instructors will have more moves for you to chose from. To work on your lead, you can have a female instructor help you out with this. Male instructors have tried their moves with most girls and they will tell you what works best.  Female instructors, will help out with female tendencies and how to adjust from one lady to another.

Advanced Men: At this point you’re probably wanting to add more style. It is recommended that you invest your time and money with a male instructor that will help you develop your style. Female instructors will help you with your lead once you’ve applied your style and when you’re ready for harder moves.

AS I mention in all my posts.  Unfortunately there is no standard in salsa.  There is no governing board that says…”yes, you CAN teach” so much of what I am writing about will probably not ever apply to your instructor.  Hopefully these tips can help you better understand what YOU can do to get a good return on your investment.

Aren’t sure what LEVEL you are right now?  Read my blog   http://wp.me/p4ut1P-2

Coming soon…. The qualities of a good instructor

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