Look Before You Leap (And How To Salsa Dance)

Here is great perspective for all my students. Let me know your thoughts

Thought Catalog

“Look Before You Leap.” For skiers and snowboarders, it’s common knowledge. It’s a warning that should we should probably heed. It’s safe.

Sometimes, though, inspection can turn into obsession, and we can spend our whole life studying as an excuse for avoiding action. In which case, I think we should just jump.

I think we should do insane, irrational things. I think we should look ridiculous. I think we should feel ridiculous. I think, sometimes, we should leap before we look.

After all, life inside a comfort zone is hardly life at all.

Here’s a story: when I shyly stepped into salsa dancing class wearing my mismatched socks, I was pretty nervous. I had never done something like that before. My dancing prowess goes about as far as that awkward flailing thing that white boys do. And dancing sober? Not a chance. In addition, salsa dancing is a…

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About Espie Hernandez Dance

I've been dancing professionally for 14 years. I love everything about dancing. From teaching, to the music, the artists, the various dances, the lifestyle, the culture, the health and fitness to even the clothing and so much more. In my blog I will talk about all the most common questions and hope to make your journey on this roller coaster a bit more fun!
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