What should I wear to class?

The basic rule is, if you can’t stand in it, sit in it, or walk in it for more than an hour then chances are you can’t dance in it either.

Wear something comfortable.  There is no dress code in my classes.  Some people show up in workout clothes and some show up in cocktail wear.   Keep in mind that we do turn a lot and move quite a bit.  Short skirts that rise up, flare, or are too long or tight that limit movement may not be the best choice.  If you have to constantly be holding, pulling, adjusting or holding your tops or bottoms then you will not have both hands available for some moves.

Wear comfortable shoes.  If you have something with leather soles or suede bottoms then wear those.  Wear shoes that offer both heel and ankle support.  No sandals.  If you can dance in 5 inch heels great but if not, bring shoes with low heels.

Tennis Shoes / Sneakers could be ok for the beginner level classes.

Still unsure?  It’s always safe to bring a couple pairs of shoes and an extra change of clothes.  Once you try it the first time, you will have a better idea for the second time.

Ready for some dance shoes?  Here’s some cool sites you can check out

More to come!


About Espie Hernandez Dance

I've been dancing professionally for 14 years. I love everything about dancing. From teaching, to the music, the artists, the various dances, the lifestyle, the culture, the health and fitness to even the clothing and so much more. In my blog I will talk about all the most common questions and hope to make your journey on this roller coaster a bit more fun!
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