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I've been dancing professionally for 14 years. I love everything about dancing. From teaching, to the music, the artists, the various dances, the lifestyle, the culture, the health and fitness to even the clothing and so much more. In my blog I will talk about all the most common questions and hope to make your journey on this roller coaster a bit more fun!

Why “Social” dancers are killing Salsa

Originally posted on The Dancing Irishman:
Purely social dancers have started pissing me off. Let’s get something straight: Salsa IS a social activity. Most people who take it up do so to get out more and to meet new people.…

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What should I wear to class?

The basic rule is, if you can’t stand in it, sit in it, or walk in it for more than an hour then chances are you can’t dance in it either. Wear something comfortable.  There is no dress code in … Continue reading

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Look Before You Leap (And How To Salsa Dance)

Originally posted on Thought Catalog:
“Look Before You Leap.” For skiers and snowboarders, it’s common knowledge. It’s a warning that should we should probably heed. It’s safe. Sometimes, though, inspection can turn into obsession, and we can spend our whole life studying as…

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Female or Male Instructor? How do I choose?

Learning to dance is an investment and I’m not talking about financially.  It’s an investment that you hope to get a good return on.  Becoming a great dancer for some of us will require to learn from others.  How do … Continue reading

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What Level Am I? I’ve been dancing for 5 years?

In my 14 years as a professional dancer and instructor I have been asked this very question more times than I can count.  How do I know if I’m a beginner still or am I already considered intermediate? I wish … Continue reading

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